PAGANISM: Constellations, Poetic Justice, World of Hurt, Denouement, Harrisy (excerpt), Ka-7 ('97), Ominous, The Three Valences, Escape (prelude), Out for Blood, Crime & Punishment, Severance, Pegasus, Pagan Dance Mix, Destroyer's Prayer (instrumental), Duress and Acquiescence

Poetic Justice
World of Hurt
Escape (prelude)
Duress and Acquiescence

2002: Techno Nightmare, Body In a Bag, Kelley's Song, Suicide Religion, Vennim, With You

ICE CREAM CASUALTY: Pegasus, Ice Cream Casualty, Harrisy, Denouement, Out for Blood, Dance!, Ferrous I, Body In a Bag, The Sacrifice, Ominous, Ferrous II, Time to Stand, Ferrous III, Poetic Justice, Destroyer's Prayer, Constellations, The Sacrifice II, Pure Funk, Ka-7, Crime & Punishment, Severance, Ka-7 (reprise), Escape (prelude)

Poetic Justice
Crime & Punishment

NOTHING IS SACRED: (Moving) Heaven and Earth, Ka-7 ('01), Solos sons el Valientes, Ruscular, Italian Error, Wired, Lonely are the Brave, Al Hail Hargis, Ah Fanaba, Mammoth Bolero