Age 4: Russ is admitted into elementary school. His cuteness is legendary and will surely be his greatest asset for may years to come...
Age 5: Russ gets his introduction to show business. He is pictured here on his way to a tap dance recital with his brother, Weston and sister, Amber.
Age 5: Russ' cuteness is already beginning to fade but he is still a snappy dresser!
Age 13: Russ is the basketball star and team captian but the coveted prize for Sexiest Legs On The Team eludes him.
Age 13: Russ graduates the 8th grade. He has perfected his secret weapon- a smile that will drive the high school girls crazy.
Age 17: Russ' secret weapon fails miserably. There are no girls in his life. He turns to music to mask his depression. He is pictured here with bandmates of Assailant (Dan Baldassarre, Jackson Baures and Dave Mehyman)
Age 17: Russ graduates Weed High School. He is now prepared to face the challenges of a cruel world.
Age 18: Russ, now living on his own, discovers that he is destined to become a rock star!
Age 28: Russ forms a short-lived musical side project known as Pagan Monkey Squad. He is photographed here with bandmates Lori Miller, Guthrie Lowe, Rob (THC) and La Guan Hayes.